Here are some of the salient features:

  • The best feature of Butterfly player is that it is user-friendly
  • The role of the Butterfly player plugin on a WordPress page is to help the users access video files on the WordPress page.
  • The Butterfly player supports all types of files, and it plays in the safe format. The list of file types that it can play includes MPEG, FLV, MXF and much more. This player also supports the audio files and video files that are in libavcodec and libavformat formats.
  • The coding language is entirely built with HTML5, the current updated HTML version with almost all features that the user requires.
  • The other buttons on the screen are play, pause and stop are delicate and work instantaneously.
  • There is also an audio-video recorder and stores the files that you wish to record in the expected format.
  • The display and the picture quality come in the enhanced version with the help of the Butterfly player plugin
  • The interface controls are customisable with better speed and playback control.